Want to know how to answer that one interview question that's bugging you? Want to hear what a real recruiter thinks about something on your résumé?  Schedule a call with Scott through Clarity!  Learn more here. 

Scott works for you!  Scott offers several Signs of a Great Résumé services designed to help you get a great new job.  Services include résumé review consultations, one-on-one interview coaching, speaking engagements and résumé workshops around the country.

1:1 Résumé Reviews and Interview Coaching with Scott

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1 Hour Consultation - $175


1 hour CONSULTATION - $150

Don't delay!  Let Scott help you TODAY on your way to your next great job!

Why should you choose Scott's Interview Coaching service?

Scott has done a LOT of interviews.  He'll ensure you're well-prepared for your interview.  Scott will customize the questions based on your field and will help ensure you feel confident, well-prepared and ready to ace your interview!  Don't be nervous, be awesome!

This service includes:

  • A one hour 1:1: telephone or Skype interview coaching session with Scott
  • A signed copy of Signs of a Great Résumé sent to your home
  • Personalized feedback and answers to your questions so you can learn:
  1. Experienced-Based Answers – How to effectively use !@#$%, the Signs of a Great Résumé to explain and quantify your experience during an interview.
  2. Customized Questions – Prepare to answer the questions you're most likely to be asked based on the type of job you're applying for. 
  3. Common Questions – Learn how to give the best responses to "What's your greatest weakness?" and other common interview questions.
  4. Your Questions – Learn what questions you should ask during an interview.

Your interview should be full of !@#$% too!  Perfect your interviewing skills using the proven approach and tools inspired by Scott's #1 best-selling book, Signs of a Great Résumé. Build your confidence, refine your answers and learn how to respond to the interview questions you're most likely to be asked by a recruiter.  Scott has conducted more than 5,000 interviews.  Now put his expertise to work for you.  Learn what a recruiter is really thinking on the other side of the desk in an interview!

Just a quick note... Being hired for a job depends on many factors, including market conditions, qualifications, personal skills and presentation, internal business considerations and others. Participation in these services does not guarantee any particular outcome in your job search. All purchases are final.

Have Scott review your résumé!  Learn to apply the proven methods taught in Scott's #1 best-selling book, Signs of a Great Résumé. You'll receive personalized feedback and tips on your résumé to make your experience shine. This is not a résumé writing service, but a program to help you become an expert in writing a résumé that speaks for itself.

interviews and more. Scott's presentations are entertaining, educational and full of !@#$%, the Signs of a Great Résumé! Scott regularly appears for in-person engagements and virtual meetings and he's available for travel across the country and internationally.

For more information about booking Scott for speaking engagements, résumé workshops or media interviews, visit the MEETING PLANNERS / CONTACT page.

Scott is happy to speak to your team of professionals, veterans service organization, student group or the media about résumés,


Résumé Workshops, Lectures and Media



Signs of a Great Résumé™ review service

Why should you choose the Signs of a Great Résumé™ review service?

Let's face it, every résumé has to be custom-tailored to the each job posting. Paid résumé writing services only provide you with one résumé that may not be appropriate for every position for which you apply. The Signs of a Great Résumé™ review service teaches you skills you can use for a lifetime so you can write the perfect résumé every time.

This service includes:

  • A one hour 1:1: telephone or Skype résumé review consultation with Scott
  • A signed copy of Signs of a Great Résumé sent to your home
  • Personalized feedback so you can learn:
  1. Content – Effective use of !@#$%, the Signs of a Great Résumé
  2. Layout – Professional presentation that provides an advantage.
  3. Customization – Matching your skills to the job posting.
  4. Q&A – Answers to your questions about résumés, interviews and more!


one-on-one CONSULTATION Services

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